Meaning of high school in English:

high school


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  • 1North American A secondary school.

    ‘Aaron and Samantha were only a few days apart and were in the same grade in high school.’
    • ‘The gap is especially pronounced for kids who attend large high schools in urban areas with lots of students from low-income families.’
    • ‘They both lived in Bakersfield, California, but they attended different high schools.’
    • ‘His assistant - a high-school student named Gary - wouldn't be coming in until later in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Now, many high-school teachers have master's degrees, but most elementary teachers do not.’
    theological college, rabbinical college, Talmudical college, academy, training college, training institute, school, high school, conservatory
  • 2(in the UK except Scotland) used chiefly in names of grammar schools or independent fee-paying secondary schools, or for the lower years of a secondary school.

    ‘Wycombe High School’
    • ‘Several independent high schools have already complained that pupils' scores were reduced by markers in a bid to avoid claims that exams are becoming easier.’
    • ‘Results of the tests determine whether they go to a grammar or a high school in September.’
    • ‘The 30-year contract involves the provision of 10 new primary schools, two special schools and two high schools.’
    • ‘Born in South Shields and educated at South Shields High School and Durham University, he has held many academic posts in England and abroad, notably in Japan and Malaya.’
    • ‘When she was fourteen, Amy was sent to Brighton High School.’