Meaning of high-touch in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a business characterized by a very close relationship with its customers or clients.

    ‘a high-touch consultancy’
    • ‘high-touch customer service that the big retailers just can't give’
    • ‘The senior vice-president of operations said: 'We're trying to balance the high-tech, high-touch thing.'’
    • ‘Paulo Freire's high-touch experiences with Brazilian literacy programs might teach us how to enfranchise digitally illiterate people in developed societies.’
    • ‘Because the hospitality business is high-touch and, therefore labor-intensive, high employee morale and low employee costs are critical.’
    • ‘It seems a shame, with a low-cost model for editorial, production and marketing, to revert to high-touch ad sales.’
    • ‘A corollary is that high-touch customer interaction models will destroy value if the customer doesn't perceive or require high-touch service.’
    • ‘He thought that he had figured out a unique way to fill a niche left empty by the big air carriers - low-cost, high-touch service for harried travelers.’
    • ‘A bit of high-touch consulting, a few long lunches and hey presto a fifty thousand pound fee.’
    • ‘He mounts a sterling defence of in-the-flesh meetings: verbal expression, body language and eye contact beat email, confirming that 'hi-tech needs a bit of high-touch to work well'.’
    • ‘Few manufacturers have implemented high-touch, feature-rich technology systems that can support the customer through the selection and buying process and support the dealer in helping the customer.’
    • ‘Do they want to build a high-touch consultancy with a little bit of technology and basically go at it as a services-based company?’
    • ‘The most frequently-mentioned obstacle to effective e-learning is the perceived lack of the "high-touch" environment of traditional seminars: the one-on-one personal contact available with faculty and other participants.’
    • ‘Public libraries, progressive speakers' series, pot-luck suppers, conversation cafes and progressive festivals are also part of this vibrant, high-touch outreach that goes on daily in practically every city and neighborhood.’
    • ‘We found that satisfaction completely mediated the relationship between service quality and switching intentions in a high-touch, experiential service like hair-styling, but it was only a partial mediator in a credence-oriented service such as auto-repair.’
    • ‘The camp director of tomorrow will utilize technology to shape and extend their service, yet will maintain a traditional high-touch experience.’
    • ‘Their high-touch approach began at home.’
    • ‘With the new generation of more high-touch technologies, companies can provide personalized services and improved problem-solving and are moving closer to their customers.’
    • ‘As the company continues to grow, maintaining its neighborly image and "high-touch" philosophy while satisfying such an enthusiastic customer base will be the challenge.’
    • ‘"Everyone told us that our high-touch approach wasn't scalable," he recalls.’
    • ‘We strive to be a company that's both high-tech and high-touch.’