Meaning of highball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪbɔːl/

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North American
  • 1A drink consisting of a spirit, especially whisky, and a mixer such as soda, served with ice in a tall glass.

    ‘We found twelve boxes of glassware that my father had won - glasses for old fashioneds, manhattans, margaritas, highballs, beer, and wine.’
    • ‘Shake all ingredients for 15 seconds and strain into a highball glass filled with ice, garnish with apple slice.’
    • ‘CEOs, like other executives, may see it as part of their job to have a few highballs at a business dinner or to let loose a bit at the company holiday party.’
    • ‘Some bars sell highballs for as little as 75 cents, allowing some people to knock them back like there's no tomorrow.’
    • ‘However, there are times when I want to be able to enter a bar and have a highball and a ciggy, health concerns be damned.’
  • 2 informal A railway signal to proceed.

    • ‘At 8: 12 AM we got the highball, and proceeded west.’
    • ‘Then there was some difficulty with the brake test and we finally got the highball at 8: 49, So the train which had been running early was now nearly an hour late.’
    • ‘Shortly after settling into my seat, we got the highball and left the station right on the advertised at 10: 20 AM.’
    • ‘I could hear the tower give the highball to train #757, the Hempstead local that had been sitting at Bellrose station.’
    • ‘When the conductor finally gave the engineer the highball, the engineer asked why they weren't going to make two stops.’
    • ‘The food arrived just as the conductor was about to give the highball out of Penn station.’


informal North American no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Travel fast.

    • ‘they highballed north’
    • ‘We made an on-time stop at Gainesville, GA at 7: 43 AM, and then highballed towards Atlanta.’
    • ‘The level of the fighting was apparent as we highballed toward the base's gate.’
    • ‘We then highballed nonstop to Jamaica, following the same route through Queens as we had taken earlier.’