Meaning of higher-grade in English:



  • Of a higher quality, standard, or level in a hierarchy.

    ‘the factory makes higher-grade steel for the car industry’
    • ‘higher-grade white collar workers’
    • ‘Suddenly, the door was open to more aggressively priced deals from higher-grade companies across all industries.’
    • ‘The video is sourced from many different cameras, from higher-grade consumer machines to what look like low-grade webcams.’
    • ‘On merit, she was allowed to take the higher-grade music examination with just four months training.’
    • ‘Mobilized officers might have to wait up to 18 months before being able to fill a higher-grade position.’
    • ‘The association is planning to increase the area planted in higher-grade arabica coffee to 60,000 to 70,000 hectares from 20,000 hectares now, Nhan said.’
    • ‘They are opposing attempts to abolish stationmaster positions and are demanding the appointment of higher-grade stationmasters at all appropriate stations.’
    • ‘The Red Class offers Benchmade innovation, custom design, higher-grade materials and quality to the first-time knife buyer.’
    • ‘The decision was made to mine only higher-grade ores and to shut down the mine when they were exhausted.’
    • ‘His desire is to play higher-grade rugby and so he will stay in Scotland for three years to gain his residency permit.’
    • ‘Bus-based systems can mimic the operating characteristics of light rail systems allowing higher-grade bus services to be provided in corridors where rail would be infeasible or inappropriate.’