Meaning of highest-ranking in English:



  • Having the top rank or position in a particular hierarchy.

    ‘America's highest-ranking military officer’
    • ‘Distribution of the highly sensitive materials was intentionally limited to a select group of the highest-ranking officials.’
    • ‘In fact, her appointment reportedly made her the highest-ranking woman in Chicago business.’
    • ‘Many regard the Udzungwa forests to be among the highest-ranking destinations for bird-watching in Africa.’
    • ‘His claim to be "probably the world's highest-ranking statesman to oppose globalization" may well be true.’
    • ‘Willis plays the colonel, the highest-ranking officer among the American prisoners.’
    • ‘In the early Zulu kingdom only the highest-ranking members of society were allowed to wear brass ornaments.’
    • ‘General Riley, the highest-ranking officer there not counting Derringer, moved into the square, leading a platoon to the riverside to fire.’
    • ‘The highest-ranking female officer in the Royal Navy is a commodore.’
    • ‘If there is a tie for highest-ranking card, the trick is won by whichever of the equal cards was played first.’
    • ‘The Margarita was also the preferred mixed drink in all types of outlets combined, preferred by more than 2 to 1 over the next highest-ranking drink.’