Meaning of highway department in English:

highway department


(also highways department)
  • A government agency responsible for the maintenance, safety, and repair of public roads and roadsides.

    ‘it will be aimed at reducing costs for the traffic and highway departments’
    • ‘The district councillor said he would speak with the council's highways department.’
    • ‘The situation on Mayo Road would need to be referred to the highways department.’
    • ‘The clerk reported two requests for information from the highways department concerning replacement village signs without success.’
    • ‘The matter had been reported to the highways department.’
    • ‘We can all help kick-start a review by taking the highways department at its word.’
    • ‘Ask the residents what they think about the highways department claim.’
    • ‘In each case, the land is owned by the highways department.’
    • ‘Plans for the next phase in the development of the highway were unveiled at a highways department open house yesterday.’
    • ‘Take a cue from highway departments in colder climates.’
    • ‘My letters to the highways department have been ignored.’