Meaning of hilariously in English:


Pronunciation /hɪˈlɛːrɪəsli/

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  • 1In an extremely amusing way.

    ‘he writes hilariously about his family’
    • ‘a hilariously funny comedy’
    • ‘The journal points to a hilariously misspelled campaign badge.’
    • ‘The entire enterprise was mercilessly and hilariously satirized in her novel.’
    • ‘It's hilariously funny and scathingly insightful.’
    • ‘A frustrated middle-aged man goes on a journey of self-discovery through some hilariously wacky situations.’
    • ‘Their crudeness was so hilariously over-the-top that it was nothing short of ridiculous.’
    • ‘The film itself is a hilariously deadpan mockumentary about a down on his luck monster fighter.’
    • ‘Before long, her hilariously inept culinary techniques force her to plead for help from neighbours.’
    • ‘The training sergeant that the innocent young recruits meet is hilariously portrayed and could easily be the subject of a whole show.’
    • ‘His hilariously understated reactions and his gift for physical comedy help carry the film.’
    • ‘Few scenes in recent cinema can match the hilariously awkward exchanges between the pair.’
    1. 1.1In a boisterously merry manner.
      ‘he laughed hilariously at his own jokes’
      • ‘"I'll tell you about getting on people's nerves," she managed to get out while giggling hilariously.’
      • ‘Is the party secretly run by people who are giggling hilariously as they instigate one hopeless fight after another while they cruise through every election essentially unopposed?’
      • ‘The audience applauded hilariously, thinking the policeman's appearance to be the crowning touch of a remarkable performance.’
      • ‘She was cheered hilariously by the entire room.’
      • ‘The assembled geeks laugh hilariously at this as if it were the greatest joke in the world.’
      • ‘Usually they were in the kitchen eating their breakfast right now, laughing hilariously at some cartoon show.’
      • ‘When I'm tickling her tummy and she laughs hilariously, with her whole body.’
      • ‘We chatted amiably about a variety of profound subjects and laughed hilariously at each other's jokes.’
      • ‘Until the producers started watching it, and laughed hilariously and fell out of their chairs, I didn't realize how funny it is.’
      • ‘Everybody laughed hilariously but it was mean-spirited.’