Meaning of hindrance in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪndr(ə)ns/

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  • A thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone.

    ‘ a hindrance to the development process’
    • ‘the visitor can wander around without hindrance’
    • ‘However, it doesn't add to the delays and hindrances as you seem to fear.’
    • ‘Seasonality, water depths and the cost of drilling are all hindrances but the biggest deterrent has undoubtedly been the lack of finds.’
    • ‘Only when they play with the hindrance of a handicap, as they did when Hearts were two up in Glasgow a fortnight back, is there any fun in it.’
    • ‘It was also clear the greatest hindrance was the state not providing the funds for reform and empowerment.’
    • ‘The ultimate objective is the elimination of obstacles and hindrances to competition.’
    • ‘Perversely, his ability to play in a few positions is a hindrance, and the difficulty for Eriksson is where to play him.’
    • ‘The idea behind the hindrance is to prevent a fast ranking to occur on a new website.’
    • ‘With his speed he should be a factor for a top ten finish at Mid Ohio but he admits the greater restrictor will be a hindrance.’
    • ‘Illinois also wrote into law all kinds of hindrances to the casino operator in order to create ‘limited gambling.’’
    • ‘Due to weather hindrances, cruises to Alaska are strictly restricted during the summer months from early May to Mid Sept.’
    • ‘It should be stressed that these hindrances are not permanent, but they do constitute a barrier to entry.’
    • ‘The nation state with all its attendant laws, regulations and barriers is now viewed as a hindrance.’
    • ‘At times, natural shapes can be a hindrance and so they try to liberate colour from this limitation.’
    • ‘It is a hindrance to sleep at night as movement is very restricted due to stiffness.’
    • ‘Many of the levels feature ramps and moving floors that provide a bit of a hindrance as well.’
    • ‘Lack of experience leads to doubt which forms one of the five hindrances.’
    • ‘However, due to hindrances in the conditions imposed by former owners, many practices, which would have led to self-sufficiency, were impeded.’
    • ‘Solomon also looks at some of our own hindrances in the suffering process - such as confusion, anger, depression, and self-deception.’
    • ‘The stall follows the completion of a two-year road planning study which recommends a coastal road alignment but warns of several hindrances.’
    • ‘However, it takes more than endurance for a British guitar band to survive 15 years, eight studio albums and many infamous hindrances.’
    impediment, obstacle, barrier, bar, obstruction, handicap, block, check, curb, brake, hurdle, restraint, restriction, limitation, encumbrance, deterrent, complication, delay, interruption, stoppage
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