Meaning of hinky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪŋki/

adjectiveadjective hinkier, adjective hinkiest

  • 1US informal (of a person) dishonest or suspect.

    • ‘he knew the guy was hinky’
    • ‘If I even suspect something is hinky I have to look into it!’
    • ‘‘The whole thing is just way too hinky,’ he said.’
    • ‘His sources are so hinky about the topic that they won't even let him attribute the information to ‘former senior officials.’’
    • ‘Sensing something hinky, the cat rose as Newby galloped out from a clump of trees, baying like a hound.’
    • ‘When eagles see something they think is hinky, they will kind of pause in the air and flare out the talons.’
    • ‘Accordingly, instead of mass media's big bulge of consensus and convention and conformity in the middle, the spectrum gets filled with all kinds of hinky stuff.’
    • ‘Rebus isn't the only one who gets hinky as he drives north over the Forth Bridge and turns right.’
    • ‘The other hinky thing about the game is its economics.’
    • ‘I know this will sound hinky to my American readers.’
    1. 1.1(of an object) unreliable.
      ‘my brakes are a little hinky’
      • ‘This leads me to believe I have something hinky going on with my video card.’
      • ‘It's a big Ford F - 250 diesel that he is driving, and it's got a hinky clutch.’


1950s of obscure origin.