Meaning of hinoki in English:


(also hinoki cypress)

Pronunciation /hɪˈnəʊki/


  • A tall slow-growing tree native to Japan, that has bright green leaves and yields a valuable timber.

    Chamaecyparis obtusa, family Cupressaceae

    ‘Three variegated hinoki false cypress trees flank the stipa, and a coral bark maple grows at the back of the bed.’
    • ‘Daiho-ji is in the mountains, surrounded by cedars and hinoki cypresses over 300 years old.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the Ise Shrine was dismantled and rebuilt every 20 years using hinoki cypress lumber from Kiso.’
    • ‘This densely covered forest is the home Japanese hemlocks, hinoki cypresses, beech trees and firs around 300 years old.’
    • ‘The large hinoki cypresses, which were imported from Japan in 1913, have been in the United States longer than any other known bonsai.’


Early 18th century from Japanese.