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hip flask


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  • A small flask for spirits, of a kind intended to be carried in a hip pocket.

    ‘We'll be passing around large and clearly labelled jars of PROZAC and carry hip flasks of sherry.’
    • ‘A silver hip flask can prove the dashing finish to a perfect ensemble.’
    • ‘I've always held to the notion a culture cannot be judged advanced until it's developed the hip flask.’
    • ‘Leaving the house this morning I saw a guy dressed in a Santa suit, sans hat, walking along the road and drinking from a hip flask.’
    • ‘My excessive nerves were rewarded with a hip flask and a half bottle of whisky.’
    • ‘The Amen bottle reinvents the lines of a hip flask from which the Mugler signature star emerges.’
    • ‘Well in most cases it's a bit more than coffee, the hip flasks come out and we indulge ourselves.’
    • ‘They go equipped with little hip flasks to do it.’
    • ‘There is also some ado about puppy-walking and what a whipper-in does, and a number of references to hip flasks.’
    • ‘Woolly hats and hip flasks were the order of the day as Kiltimagh and Balla District Anglers went to battle on Carramore lake.’
    • ‘I'm sure Waterstones won't refuse midnight admission to customers who are obviously swigging from hip flasks.’
    • ‘I notice a lot of snakes in the audience slowly rise and slither towards the canteen hip flasks in hand.’
    • ‘Even the single malts in the hip flasks couldn't help us on this one.’
    • ‘One or two of the group had come equipped for such an eventuality and preceded to pull cans of beer and hip flasks from their bags.’
    • ‘They were too interested in their hip flasks to remember that they should still have seen two youths.’
    • ‘I caught them just as they were filling their hip flasks and talked them out of it, thank God.’
    • ‘Gruach takes the hip flask, and gulps down some liquor.’
    • ‘And that is a possibility, unless, as he faces Everest, McCreevy has something in his hip flask that only he and his Sherpas know about.’
    • ‘He drew out a hip flask, unscrewed the cap and drank slowly.’
    • ‘Kiremay took a deep gulp from her hip flask before answering.’
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