Meaning of hippo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪpəʊ/

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nounplural noun hippo, plural noun hippos

another term for hippopotamus
‘Leopards, cheetahs, elephants, hippos and polar bears are being killed in unprecedented numbers.’
  • ‘Like elephants, hippos and bushpigs, porcupines are nocturnal crop raiders.’
  • ‘The themed area, which spans ten acres, is home to the zoo's most recent arrivals - three hippos, two white rhinos and three giraffes.’
  • ‘Tsavo West is filled with crocodiles, vervet monkeys, antelope, baboons, giraffes and hippos.’
  • ‘After hippos, bovids are the most abundant group of mammalian fossils.’
  • ‘Unlike elephants and bushpigs, hippos are not quick to apply any initiative.’
  • ‘The hippos snorted, the rhinos dozed and the giraffes nervously darted about as the hammer fell yesterday at Africa's largest wild animal auction.’
  • ‘Perhaps they feel more comfortable with their own size when they wander among rhinos and hippos.’
  • ‘The wildlife to see here includes buffalo, hippo, black rhino, lion and wild dog.’
  • ‘All carnivores would be in one zone, and a miniature savannah with deer, rhino, elephant, giraffe and hippo forming another.’
  • ‘Still to be introduced are the hippo, cheetah, lion and brown hyena.’
  • ‘Whales are in fact more closely related to hippos than to mesonychids, and the similarity in teeth is a convergently evolved feature.’
  • ‘The family had a wild time in Disney's Animal Kingdom and enjoyed close encounters with giraffes, hippos, lions and tigers.’
  • ‘They found lemurs the size of gorillas, hippos no bigger than pigs and enormous elephant birds.’
  • ‘There have been villagers in other parts of Zambia mauled by lions, trampled underfoot by elephants and hippos.’
  • ‘The modern hippos are divided into two genera and two species.’
  • ‘Once the two hippos are comfortable with each other, Mzee will be returned to his original grounds with other tortoises.’
  • ‘A guard with a motorcycle and a shotgun could move through fields at night and work with farmers to scare elephants and hippos.’
  • ‘Elephants and hippos certainly do not have tails like cedar trees!’
  • ‘Until well into the 1980s, anatomical studies suggested that hippos may have evolved from pigs.’