Meaning of hire company in English:

hire company


(also hire firm)
  • A company that hires things out to people.

    ‘hire companies usually include some basic insurance in their price’
    • ‘a skip hire firm’
    • ‘Major changes to the industry in the past three years are altering the reputation of the private hire companies.’
    • ‘The claimant is entitled to recover only the ordinary market rate from an ordinary car hire company.’
    • ‘Ascot is our local hat hire company.’
    • ‘If the contract with the hire company is unenforceable, the claimant cannot recover the notional cost of hiring a vehicle which he has actually had free.’
    • ‘They should ask where the hire company is going to keep the passport.’
    • ‘It's not been established that, if the hirer did know what the hire company was seeking to achieve by that time restriction, the hirer shared the hire company's intention.’
    • ‘Eventually he realizes he has to get the car back to the hire firm in Barcelona.’
    • ‘Bradford City Taxis is the first public hire firm in the city to use the system.’
    • ‘A lot of audiovisual hire firms also rent out videoconferencing solutions.’
    • ‘His intellectual background stems from the fact that he runs a labour hire firm.’