Meaning of hired hand in English:

hired hand



  • A person hired to do short-term manual work.

    ‘‘People think illustrators are hired hands - [they're] anything but,’ said director Terrence Brown.’
    • ‘A number of the criminal's hired hands immediately left the country.’
    • ‘Under such conditions, investigators become little more than hired hands, and their institutions little more than drug company outposts.’
    • ‘Chicago is not the only artist who employs hired hands.’
    • ‘The Thatchers employed hired hands to do all that.’
    • ‘But there have been far too many great records flattened under the combined weight of the hired hands.’
    • ‘Are many of the drivers actually in business or are they hired hands?’
    • ‘The system of hired hands at the GBG came into being a few years ago.’
    • ‘They are all hired hands whether we like it or not.’
    • ‘And while Radiogram is clearly Beattie's baby, the rest of the band are hardly mere hired hands.’
    • ‘You'll ride in a real old fashion jitney, transportation of choice used by hired hands on the estate.’
    • ‘A club side might beat relegation or win a division on the strength of its hired hands.’
    • ‘It is not as if we would be flying a hired hand into Scotland for a one-off occasion just for the sake of it.’
    • ‘He's just a hired hand, and he's better than the alternative.’
    • ‘The shepherd is not a hired hand, but is committed.’
    • ‘The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you're a hired hand.’
    • ‘The hired hand repaired the barn wall the next morning and slapped on a fresh coat of paint for good measure.’
    • ‘Eddie is a hired hand on a sheep station after the Great War.’
    • ‘And there is not a soul who believes Megrahi was anything more than a hired hand.’
    • ‘In this Mongolia sequence, Dylan is drinking with the hired hands of some unknown baddie.’
    subordinate, deputy, auxiliary, second, second in command, number two, lieutenant, right-hand man, right-hand woman, wingman, aide, personal assistant, PA, attendant, mate, apprentice, junior