Meaning of historicity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɪstəˈrɪsɪti/


mass noun
  • Historical authenticity.

    ‘the historicity of bible narrative’
    • ‘If they'd just be quiet, any debate over the film would center on its biblical faithfulness, its historicity, and on Christian theological issues.’
    • ‘And, indeed, there is a huge amount of circumstantial evidence supporting the basic historicity of the Bible.’
    • ‘Given recognition of poetry as drenched in historicity, how can poets work?’
    • ‘The movie has significant problems with historicity.’
    • ‘Let's set aside the comment and its dubious historicity.’
    • ‘There is no equivocation on the question of historicity there.’
    • ‘The historicity of these books is borderline alarming.’
    • ‘Rama is a much loved god but, as with other such figures, his historicity cannot be archaeologically established.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the ‘tradition’ of poetry takes on an ontological invulnerability to its own historicity and intertextuality.’
    • ‘The historicity of this debate is dubious, but it does accurately represent the choice that was set up for all Greek cities by the stories told about the past.’
    • ‘The origin and historicity of many of the details of the infancy narratives in Matthew and in Luke are much disputed.’
    • ‘The other rousing chapter, entitled ‘Truth and history’, asserts the historicity of the Bible - that Christianity is rooted in history.’
    • ‘Derrida is critical of Heidegger's conception of historicity as fate or destiny because of the contamination of spirit by nationalism.’
    • ‘Both the specific development of the work market and historicity constitute principal sources of over-masculinization in colonial societies.’
    • ‘Some in the feminist spirituality movement have claimed that this is a ‘myth we need,’ regardless of its historicity.’
    • ‘Rather, the recognition of the essential historicity of philosophy implies two matters.’
    • ‘It is a difficult film, refusing easy linearity and performing an intense work on the image - its pleasure, its legibility, its historicity.’
    • ‘Throughout these last four chapters, Ziarek revisits historicity and experience as he explores the construction of identity.’
    • ‘It is a means of transmuting historicity into eternity, playing on the conditioned fear of aging and denying the irreversibility of time.’
    • ‘In other words, modernity is an era conscious of its historicity.’
    reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, truth, veracity, verity, faithfulness, fidelity, authoritativeness, credibility