Meaning of hit someone up in English:

hit someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1North American informal Ask someone for something, typically money.

    ‘he hit up some family members’
    ‘I have an employee who is always hitting me up for a raise’
    • ‘Suddenly, they can have resources equal to an incumbent's without hitting up major donors.’
    • ‘Most recently, she'd hit her parents up for $1,600 to fix her kids' teeth.’
    • ‘Second, I've become paranoid that everyone I know who is short of cash will hit me up for a loan.’
    • ‘Lots of couples seem to pay for their own celebrations these days, or hit up both families.’
    • ‘That was before he hit me up for 200 bucks and said he might sue me if I didn't give it to him.’
    • ‘All of them will hit me up for money if given the chance.’
    • ‘Feel free to hit me up in the forums if you have any questions or comments.’
    • ‘Before I start I thought I'd hit up the most intelligent and well traveled readers on the web for some advice.’
    • ‘If I'd known he was that soft a touch, I'd have hit him up for a couple hundred grand.’
    • ‘As soon as I heard about it, I started hitting up pals for pledges.’
    • ‘Juliette has a little boy who's maybe seven and my little girl is 21 months so I hit her up for whatever advice she could give to a new father.’
    1. 1.1usually in imperative Contact someone.
      ‘if you have a serious band and would like to play some music, hit me up’