Meaning of hit the buffers in English:

hit the buffers


  • Come to a sudden unsuccessful end.

    ‘his world championship campaign looked as if it had hit the buffers’
    • ‘Bradford & Bingley's dogged pursuit of Macclesfield for the play-off place in the National League finally hit the buffers on Saturday.’
    • ‘A city centre shop opened amid high hopes by the National Railway Museum less than two years ago has hit the buffers.’
    • ‘Plans to run Eurostar train services from York to Paris have finally hit the buffers.’
    • ‘Attempts to hoist a 20 ft high locomotive statue which commemorates the past glory of Horwich Loco Works have continued to hit the buffers.’
    • ‘Witham's long-awaited rail bridge project has finally hit the buffers.’
    • ‘No sooner are the local elections over than the government's decentralisation plan has hit the buffers.’
    • ‘A number of other fresh start schools across the country have hit the buffers with many set to close later this year.’
    • ‘His ambitious reform plans had hit the buffers.’
    • ‘Television income, so long the sport's gravy train, has hit the buffers.’
    • ‘But Hall's vision hit the buffers and he lost millions of pounds.’