Meaning of hit the wall in English:

hit the wall


  • (of an athlete) experience a sudden loss of energy in a long race.

    ‘marathon runners found they often hit the wall after 17 or 18 miles’
    • ‘The first couple of games I felt pretty good, but by the third game I pretty much hit the wall.’
    • ‘Moehler seems to be hitting the wall around the 100-pitch mark, a trend that's worrisome in light of shoulder soreness he has experienced.’
    • ‘Italy have a rare moment of pressure - but Panucci hits the wall for about the third time today.’
    • ‘He hit the wall, and the rest of the team finally recognized its responsibility.’
    • ‘Szczerbiak seemed to hit the wall at midseason, but he rebounded well to finish strong.’
    • ‘Waltrip hit the wall, slid down the track and eventually flipped over in the infield.’
    • ‘I never thought I would get anywhere near the Olympic qualifying time and my biggest fear was hitting the wall.’