Meaning of hitch-hike in English:



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  • Travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles.

    ‘we hitch-hiked up to Scotland’
    • ‘‘As I was not in the habit of borrowing money, I took to hitch-hiking to travel through Europe,’ he says.’
    • ‘We lived in squats and abandoned buildings, didn't really go to school, travelled, hitch-hiked.’
    • ‘I travelled by foot, by hitch-hiking and by clambering onto the wagons of freight trains.’
    • ‘I was hitch-hiking home from a disco when I spotted a local man across the road.’
    • ‘I'm afraid I was never much good at the 20-something spontaneous inter-railing, hitch-hiking, youth-hostelling thing.’
    • ‘And, oh, on the way here to Montreal, I just got myself a $132.50 ticket for hitch-hiking.’
    • ‘She gets around by hitch-hiking, regardless of the danger.’
    • ‘This columnist recalls hitch-hiking to Italy to watch Scotland tackle Costa Rica in the 1990 World Cup finals.’
    • ‘One of the most frightening experiences was hitch-hiking to the Mariisky Theatre to see the Russian ballet.’
    • ‘My fortysomething self wouldn't do these things, at least not via hitch-hiking and sand in sleeping bags.’
    • ‘He has no concept of the idea of bad people, and once was even spotted hitch-hiking.’
    • ‘I once picked up a young student who was hitch-hiking, it must be about 10 years ago.’
    • ‘‘I hitch-hiked down to Cannes to work for Sandy,’ McLean recalled.’
    • ‘Earlier in the day it is believed she hitch-hiked from Dongara and also from Badgingarra to Northwest Road.’
    • ‘The future Ambassador recalled how, after then playing at Gleneagles, he hitch-hiked back to Edinburgh.’
    • ‘The court was told that he had picked up the Kingston Grammar School pupil as he hitch-hiked home.’
    • ‘Tommy put his thumb out, intent on hitch-hiking.’
    • ‘And you're much too good looking to be out hitch-hiking.’
    • ‘She didn't seem to mind that I was hitch-hiking, and for some strange reason, I thought she was running away from something too.’
    • ‘Why not spend the time hitch-hiking around the world having encounters and experiences that can be turned into stories?’


  • A journey made by hitch-hiking.

    ‘There were other breaks too, the random hitch-hike through France to northern Spain, the holidays in Greece.’
    • ‘Miss Bond's friend took part in the hitch-hike last year and is a representative of the charity this year.’
    • ‘Kevin is using the ARC as part of his two year world hitch-hike, hoping to visit most of the world's countries using surface travel only.’