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  • Until now or until the point in time under discussion.

    ‘hitherto part of French West Africa, Benin achieved independence in 1960’
    • ‘As someone who has hitherto needed to reject one thing before moving on to another, Juliet is on her mettle, and she knows it.’
    • ‘He was billeted at her home where her seven brothers had hitherto protected her from any approach by potential suitors.’
    • ‘McLeish is now secure enough in his own position to be able to straight bat these, hitherto, distractions.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is a hitherto uncovered area of Swinney's policy revolution.’
    • ‘Was it a smoke screen for some secret hitherto undisclosed strategy?’
    • ‘But he has unwittingly made plain what only a few radicals and Marxists have hitherto suspected.’
    • ‘The way is hard and long, but I feel that we have been set upon the right road towards that hitherto unreachable Nirvana.’
    • ‘He discovered a hitherto undetected fracture and packed me off to North Shore Hospital.’
    • ‘The DVD also contains 20 minutes of hitherto unseen footage and four extra tracks.’
    • ‘The company has launched a project to bring wines hitherto unknown in Hong Kong on to the market there.’
    • ‘Preliminary results already suggest the battle was fought over a much bigger area than hitherto suspected.’
    • ‘That may be because, hitherto, it has been a hard building to envisage.’
    • ‘Some days yield nothing by way of new information and fresh leads, while others open avenues hitherto blocked.’
    • ‘Another factor hitherto unnoticed now comes into the force, tipping the balance.’
    • ‘They were forced to call on the coalition partners whose presence they had hitherto ignored.’
    • ‘The galvanising effect on the hitherto moribund Mavericks was immediate.’
    • ‘Yet their forwards finally found a bit of tempo and Rory Lawson began to make linkages which had hitherto been absent.’
    • ‘When he returns, the new firm will be due to launch and he'll be out looking for the bigger deals that have hitherto eluded him.’
    • ‘New technology means it is worthwhile extracting oil from fields hitherto economically unviable.’
    • ‘We soon discovered why that part of town was hitherto unknown to me.’
    previously, formerly, earlier, so far, thus far, before, beforehand, to date, as yet
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/ˌhɪðəˈtuː/ /ˈhɪðətuː/