Meaning of Hitlerite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪtlərʌɪt/


  • Relating to or characteristic of Adolf Hitler or the policies of the Nazi party.

    ‘the Hitlerite regime’
    • ‘In the Second World War there was an almost universal acceptance of the need and duty to resist Hitlerite aggression.’
    • ‘Aware of the persecution of German Jews in the years before his death in 1936, he declared himself "appalled by the Hitlerite atrocities".’
    • ‘He has made unmistakably clear his role as an apologist for Hitlerite fascism.’
    • ‘French intelligence accurately identified the predatory intentions of Hitlerite Germany from the very beginning.’
    • ‘It is necessary to mete out the punishment they deserve to the Hitlerite killers who took part in the events.’
    • ‘By the summer of 1938, the Hitlerite regime had come to see war as a necessary response to a mass of socioeconomic contradictions for which the Nazis had no rational solution.’


  • A follower of Adolf Hitler.

    ‘countries occupied by the Hitlerites’
    • ‘"I have been called a Fascist and almost a Hitlerite," he complained.’
    • ‘Once war began, he was jailed as a Hitlerite.’
    • ‘The world war unleashed by the Hitlerites still further sharpened the differences in the conditions in the various countries.’
    • ‘Underlining the importance with which the Hitlerites viewed radio as an instrument of propaganda, on the evening that the Nazis came to power, two emissaries of Joseph Goebbels paid Fritzsche a visit.’
    • ‘For Nazi opponents, the fire and its aftermath proved how brutally and quickly the Hitlerites were ending democracy.’