Meaning of HIV-positive in English:


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  • Having had a positive result in a blood test for the AIDS virus HIV.

    ‘When the girl took a blood test it proved HIV-positive.’
    • ‘At current prices, one year of triple drug therapy for an HIV-positive person costs $15,000.’
    • ‘Patients were considered to be HIV-positive only if both tests gave a positive result.’
    • ‘She was fired when results showed she was HIV-positive and that she carried the Hepatitis B virus.’
    • ‘The sensitivity of the direct sputum smear examination is reduced in HIV-positive patients.’
    • ‘Studies are needed to evaluate the potential benefit of this vaccine in Indian HIV-positive patients.’
    • ‘In HIV-positive individuals, the interpretation of serologies is often complicated.’
    • ‘The secondary analysis was done to help understand the experience of being a nurse who is HIV-positive.’
    • ‘The most common extrapulmonary site in HIV-positive individuals is the lymph node.’
    • ‘The recommendations should be read by all physicians who provide care to HIV-positive patients.’
    • ‘The BBC says that HIV-positive kids in New York are being given toxic drugs in the name of research.’
    • ‘The efficacy of INH in preventing TB in HIV-positive people has been proven.’
    • ‘The same applies if you want to learn more about working with particular HIV-positive populations.’
    • ‘The father, who was surprised to learn of his HIV-positive status, left Maria a few months later.’
    • ‘Misinformation and fear also cause some families to reject children who are HIV-positive or who are perceived to be.’
    • ‘These conditions occur with greater frequency and severity in HIV-positive patients.’
    • ‘Our results suggest that there are many HIV-positive individuals who are not aware that they have the virus.’
    • ‘Gazi said Abba also intended to offer triple therapy to HIV-positive mothers soon.’
    • ‘The centre is a clinic specifically for HIV-positive people and manned by four volunteer doctors during weekends.’
    • ‘Nearly one third of people who tested HIV-positive at the city clinic used the drug in the previous six months.’