Meaning of hoagie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊɡi/

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nounplural noun hoagies

  • A sandwich made of a long roll filled with meat, cheese, and salad.

    ‘This crew managed to order cheese steak hoagies, which Philadelphia is famous for.’
    • ‘Come in and buy one hoagie and get the second hoagie free!’
    • ‘The menu also has calzones, hoagies and salads.’
    • ‘The bowls are filled with chips; the hoagies are en route from the local sandwich joint.’
    • ‘The menu shows specialty and create-your-own pizzas, appetizers, hoagie sandwiches and salads.’
    • ‘One expert likened it to building a hoagie: Every layer you add makes the sandwich that much more flavorful.’
    • ‘If the track boosters decide they want jackets for the team this year, they'll go sell hoagies to pay for them.’
    • ‘Or stroll South Street for some funky clothing shops, tattoo parlors, late-night music spots, or pizza and hoagies.’
    • ‘I'd say, go to cheap bars and buy hoagies for dinner.’
    • ‘He's got places to go, people to see, hoagies to inhale.’
    • ‘The Neumann seniors line up to get their yearbooks, sodas and hoagies.’
    • ‘Oh, and if you find a hoagie in there, let me know.’
    • ‘But how could we enjoy our Super Bowl party without a hoagie?’
    • ‘I guess a hoagie is what you people in Jersey call it.’
    • ‘Ellie and Katie finally bond when they go on a trip to the ‘big city’ of Lancaster, Pa., and Ellie buys her a hoagie.’
    • ‘Turmoil wafts through Eagledom like the whiff of a fresh hoagie through the city air.’
    • ‘As soon as we had put out all the drinks, and the snacks, and even hoagie sandwiches the doorbell was ringing.’
    • ‘Right, the afternoon's getting on and I've got a date with a hoagie, a newspaper, some greenery and a two-wheeled fun machine.’
    • ‘His other business - a hoagie shop - was shut down by city health inspectors.’
    • ‘Today for lunch were hoagie sandwiches, chips, and a Rice Krispy treat that looked kinda old.’


Of unknown origin.