Meaning of hoarding in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːdɪŋ/

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  • 1British A large board in a public place, used to display advertisements.

    ‘The hoardings display the London 2012 Candidate City logo with the words ‘Hounslow: Back the Bid’ underneath.’
    • ‘The plans were lodged by Braintree Methodist Church on the open land, which is enclosed by fencing and advertisement hoardings.’
    • ‘Turn right and follow the rim of the delightful Clashach Cove, whose story is displayed on an artistic hoarding.’
    • ‘Windscreen washers and roadside advertising hoardings mounted on trailers are to be outlawed from Tauranga's streets.’
    • ‘Personally I'd be happy to see hoardings removed altogether from public spaces.’
    • ‘If Vajpayee is re-elected Prime Minister, the cloth will go and hoardings will display his beaming visage.’
    • ‘There is a rule that not just company nameplates but also all public hoardings should have their messages in Kannada, too.’
    • ‘These messages would also be displayed on hoardings in Delhi and Mumbai.’
    • ‘There are those advertisement hoardings all across the boundary line and it still is that lush green outfield.’
    • ‘And the other has gone on the rampage against hoardings displaying too much flesh.’
    • ‘Apart from the winner getting the free watch, the winning slogan will also be displayed on the hoarding.’
    • ‘They have removed the various advertising hoardings and paid attention to the stonework.’
    • ‘In the 1992 General Election, the tobacco industry donated all its advertising hoardings to the Conservative Party, for campaign messages.’
    • ‘The BBC documentary stated, almost with glee, that tobacco, advertising and advertising hoardings are banned in the Himalayan kingdom.’
    • ‘They sign contracts with long rows of zeroes after the figure; they see their picture above the streets on advertising hoardings 50m high.’
    • ‘With three million advertising hoardings across the country bearing his image, the 33-year-old comic is a hard man to miss.’
    • ‘Dewar said that the argument should be conducted on the facts, not irresponsible scare-mongering on advertising hoardings.’
    • ‘Trees had been uprooted, telegraph poles broken, roofs torn off, advertising hoardings smashed and lorries turned over.’
    • ‘A famous London store has used advertising hoardings depicting chocolate with dispensers that released a chocolate smell.’
    • ‘And advertising hoardings across the city show fat inside a cigarette with the warning: Don't clog it.’
    1. 1.1A temporary board fence erected round a building site.
      ‘And, he says, we must learn from them in erecting hoardings.’
      • ‘Bromley is currently enlisting artists to submit 8ft x 12 ft artworks on a 170 ft length on the building-site style hoardings.’
      • ‘By definition, building site hoardings are rarely things of beauty.’
      • ‘Builders erected hoardings at Epsom's clock tower on Monday as renovation work began to restore the monument to its former glory.’
      • ‘The contractors are expected to begin putting up hoardings and fences around the site on Monday.’
      • ‘The hoardings erected to secure the site obscure the amount of work that has actually taken place.’
      • ‘A 2.5 metre hoarding was erected around the building site, nearly 50 cm higher than recommended.’
      • ‘But wouldn't you know - a hoarding has been erected inches away from it, so it's impossible to get anywhere near.’
      • ‘High Street doesn't have the volume of pedestrians but it does have nine problem points posed by poles and, at present, building hoardings.’
      • ‘The land here is flat; not a hill offers any distraction from all these dirty concrete flat-roofed buildings with their hoardings.’
      • ‘There's an unusual poster gracing the hoardings and boarded-up buildings of Toronto the past few weeks.’
      • ‘Garda sources say hoardings and barriers similar to those used at concert venues would be put up to assist in security.’
      • ‘I recall the reason that they started to put viewing grilles into those huge blue hoardings used to seal off building sites.’
      • ‘A builder's hoarding had to be placed round the entire building while replacements were made.’
      • ‘The event is to finalise plans to screen off the old Larch Street site with colourful hoardings while it is being developed.’
      • ‘‘Bholu’ will now be associated with all Railway related activities, including hoardings and advertisements.’


Early 19th century from obsolete hoard in the same sense (probably based on Old French hourd; related to hurdle)+ -ing.