Meaning of Hogarthian in English:


Pronunciation /həˈɡɑːθɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the English painter and engraver William Hogarth or his satirical political illustrations.

    ‘a Hogarthian scene’
    • ‘He was appalled by the excesses of the French Revolution, which he depicted in graphic Hogarthian detail in Plundering the King's Cellar at Paris.’
    • ‘British streets are no longer safe at night and unless something radical is done soon, we will find ourselves in Hogarthian times again.’
    • ‘His old-timey ink-and-watercolor illustrations feel almost Hogarthian in places, but the sepia quality is well suited to this engrossing historical tale.’
    • ‘As I think back to that Hogarthian nightscape, I can understand why we of a tender bourgeois sensibility are panicked by the idea of further relaxing the licence laws.’
    • ‘The style of both dress and house is that of early 18th-century Hogarthian caricature, and the production has a darker air than most.’
    • ‘They were Hogarthian drawings of slum buildings with broken windows stuffed with rubbish and humans sprawled in the gutter, dead drunk among the filth.’