Meaning of hold out for in English:

hold out for

phrasal verb

  • hold out for somethingContinue to demand a particular thing, refusing to accept what has been offered.

    ‘he is holding out for a guaranteed 7 per cent rise’
    • ‘She accepted the money after being told she could lose it all if she continued holding out for more.’
    • ‘Some reports have said that university teachers are continuing to hold out for two months back pay.’
    • ‘He is holding out for more than the million pounds he has been offered to make the film.’
    • ‘She says she was holding out for an offer from the BBC, which she felt would do the best job.’
    • ‘That means even small companies can hold out for sweeter offers.’
    • ‘It looks increasingly likely that shareholders who had been holding out for more than £6 a share will be disappointed.’
    • ‘Some are holding out for a higher price, though most are refusing because they prefer to till their patch of land than spend the £28,000 they would receive.’
    • ‘The workers are holding out for a four per cent pay increase but management have only offered 3.6 per cent.’
    • ‘He's holding out for more money, thinking someone else is going to give him more than I'm offering.’
    • ‘If you have options you can hold out for more money.’