Meaning of hold serve in English:

hold serve


(also hold one's serve)
  • (in tennis and other racket sports) win a game in which one is serving.

    ‘You know, I was able to just hold my serve and keep that break, and the then break her to win it.’
    • ‘There are a few factors that will increase your chances of holding serve even without a powerful serve.’
    • ‘They then recorded a second break point for the 5-3 advantage and held serve for the victory.’
    • ‘The Argentina team had problems holding serve and the Swedes were eager to finish the match in four sets.’
    • ‘She dominated the second game, only giving up one point, to hold serve and take a 2-0 lead.’
    • ‘The two then held serve to force a tiebreak, although Venus had to save one set point during the 12 th game.’
    • ‘The Spaniard held serve for the rest of the set to win the 12 th title of his clay court streak.’
    • ‘Both held serve again easily and then Roddick stepped up the line and served for the first set.’
    • ‘Murray took the first three games of the second set unanswered, breaking Lee once and holding serve twice.’
    • ‘Indeed, he never looked comfortable in the early going, barely managing to hold serve twice.’