Meaning of hold something against someone in English:

hold something against someone

phrasal verb

  • Allow past actions or circumstances to have a negative influence on one's present attitude towards someone.

    ‘if he failed her, she would hold it against him forever’
    • ‘Failure to give evidence on its own cannot prove guilt, but depending on the circumstances, you may hold his failure against him when deciding whether he is guilty.’
    • ‘If we forgive someone we must let go of anger or blame for whatever they have done, stop holding it against them, and act with love towards them from now on.’
    • ‘I respect what everyone else decides but I hope my refusal is not held against me.’
    • ‘We have been told, for instance, that there is a blame culture, where officers are afraid of making mistakes because they think any mistake will be held against them for the rest of their career.’
    • ‘‘It wouldn't have even occurred to me that a professor would hold my views against me, the way these kids do,’ he said.’
    • ‘It was a mark of his good nature that he did not hold it against you.’
    • ‘We won't hold it against you if can't make it.’
    • ‘I would appreciate, of course, a 10, but, if you feel inclined to give me a 9, I won't hold it against you.’
    • ‘Make a genuine mistake and chances are that they will not hold it against you.’
    • ‘You could say anything to him and know he'd never be able to hold it against you.’