Meaning of hold the fort in English:

hold the fort

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  • Take responsibility for a situation while another person is temporarily absent.

    ‘I just feel that I'm holding the fort until my father comes back.’
    • ‘Today is the last day that I'm going to be holding the fort at work.’
    • ‘As the strike continues, four heads of department are holding the fort.’
    • ‘They have all gone now and I am left holding the fort.’
    • ‘Sue asks her colleague to hold the fort while she pops outside for a moment.’
    • ‘The Lord Chancellor had been left to hold the fort.’
    • ‘But then again, is it fair on the staff who live nearby to be expected to hold the fort when their colleagues can't make it in?’
    • ‘A skeleton staff held the fort during the industrial action, which followed two months of inconclusive pay talks and a failure last week to negotiate a deal.’
    • ‘Just so you don't get bored while I'm gone, I've got a few requests for you to carry out while you're holding the fort.’
    • ‘Without her holding the fort at the office and doing all the paperwork, we'd never be able to do it all.’
    stand in, fill in, act as stand-in, deputize, act as deputy, substitute, act as substitute, take over, be a substitute
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