Main meanings of holland in English

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Pronunciation /ˈhɒlənd/

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mass noun
  • A kind of smooth, hard-wearing linen fabric, used chiefly for window blinds and furniture covering.

    as modifier ‘holland blinds’
    • ‘his brown holland suit’
    • ‘This slenderness is further emphasised by the customised, fine mild steel rod attachments supporting the holland blinds.’
    • ‘Someone was living in the three servant's rooms adjoining the kitchen but the rest of the house lay musty under faded holland covers.’
    • ‘The classic simplicity of holland blinds have been a family favourite in Australian homes for many years.’
    • ‘She had gone, in the broad light of the morning, in a holland suit with a blue Henley shirt, a sailor hat, and a gossamer’


Middle English from Holland, the name of a former province of the Netherlands where the cloth was made, from Dutch, earlier Holtlant (from holt ‘wood’ + -lant ‘land’).

Main meanings of Holland in English

: holland1Holland2


Pronunciation /ˈhɒlənd/

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proper noun

  • 1

    another name for the Netherlands

    1. 1.1A former province of the Netherlands, comprising the coastal parts of the country. It is now divided into North Holland and South Holland.
  • 2A city in south-western Michigan, noted for its Dutch heritage; population 34,076 (est. 2008).