Meaning of holmium in English:


(also Ho)

Pronunciation /ˈhəʊlmɪəm/


mass noun
  • The chemical element of atomic number 67, a soft silvery-white metal of the lanthanide series.

    ‘Holmium is extracted from its ores by heating calcium metal with holmium fluoride.’
    • ‘This equipment will include ultrasound machines, endoscopes and a holmium laser, which can be used to treat some cancers on a non-invasive outpatient basis.’
    • ‘Typically pulsed dye lasers or the holmium laser are used with very short pulses of high peak power to shatter the stones.’
    • ‘During the procedure, a holmium laser is used to open channels in the wall of the heart to restore blood flow and oxygen.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Holmia, Latinized form of Stockholm (because many minerals of the yttrium group, to which holmium belongs, are found in that area); discovered by P.T. Cleve (1840–1905), Swedish chemist.