Meaning of holothuroid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒlə(ʊ)θjʊərɔɪd/

noun & adjective


See Holothuroidea

‘Antarctic crinoids and holothuroids often perch on sponges presumably to increase the efficiency of their own feeding.’
  • ‘Cuvierian tubules are peculiar organs found in several species of holothuroids (sea cucumbers), all belonging exclusively to the family Holothuriidae.’
  • ‘The aim of the present work was to measure the adhesive strength of Cuvierian tubules in different species of holothuroids and also to investigate the influence of different physical factors on tubule adhesion.’
  • ‘Tubule adhesion forces were similar for the holothuroid species examined here.’
  • ‘Thanks also to Dr Massin for his help in the identification of the holothuroid specimens.’