Meaning of holy roller in English:

holy roller


informal, derogatory
  • A member of an evangelical Christian group which expresses religious fervour by frenzied excitement or trances.

    • ‘holy rollers writhing on the floor’
    • ‘Their programs are widely regarded within the community, but it isn't a place where the holy rollers and people who expect an old fashioned Babtist ceremony would go.’
    • ‘Let's face it, we are constantly hearing from the holy rollers with their reassuring message that miracles do happen.’
    • ‘I'm not condemning her for that at all, but I just have to explain that that is why I quit being such a holy roller.’
    • ‘He can work himself into a holy roller's lather on his motivational tapes, but in person he's reassuringly low-key, with an undercurrent of no-nonsense intensity.’
    • ‘At his party conferences, he's appeared sometimes like a kind of holy roller figure, sometimes like a rather earnest vicar.’