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Holy Spirit


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  • (in Christianity) the third person of the Trinity; God as spiritually active in the world.

    ‘The Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, of God is the power of God that makes all things possible.’
    • ‘Christ is directed by the Holy Spirit, and Christ goes where the spirit leads Christ.’
    • ‘Two definite areas had to be dealt with by the Holy Spirit in order to prepare a Church for Christ's return.’
    • ‘Christ Jesus himself, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, is God, the all Holy One.’
    • ‘The Bible teaches that it is through the agency of the Holy Spirit that men are brought to believe in Christ.’
    • ‘If you are a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the Holy Spirit resident in you.’
    • ‘Its first occurrence was on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit started the body of Christ.’
    • ‘There is a growing interest among Christians today in the work of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘Therefore the Trinity is the belief in God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit all at the same time.’
    • ‘The Bible is our first resort, of course, for by it the Holy Spirit leads God's children into all truth.’
    • ‘The Holy Spirit inspired men of his choosing to pen the histories, letters and poetry that make up the Bible.’
    • ‘Jesus in physical form returned to heaven at the end of his stay on earth, but when he left he sent his Holy Spirit to take his place.’
    • ‘Led by the Holy Spirit, we can go to Jesus and ask him to free us of the things that bind us.’
    • ‘Let us be open to the Holy Spirit and learn to flow with what He desires to do - whether it be in public or private.’
    • ‘These texts establish the fact that demons are defeated and sent away by the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘Section 4 covers the way in which the Holy Spirit works in the lives of God's people.’
    • ‘The Holy Spirit will then change your life by the power of the Word of God and by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘You must be very careful when you come against Satan's demons, let the Holy Spirit guide you.’
    • ‘They preached to you by the power of the Holy Spirit, who was sent from heaven.’
    • ‘John was merely the last to be given to write about it as the Holy Spirit guided him.’