Meaning of home-baked in English:


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  • Baked at home, rather than bought from a shop.

    ‘a round, home-baked loaf of bread’
    • ‘With the emphasis on leisure in our lives, there is more time to enjoy something home-baked with a cup of tea.’
    • ‘The competition for the meeting is for the best three home-baked plain teacakes.’
    • ‘He knows them all, especially the one who drops by every day with a basket of home-baked goodies for the boys.’
    • ‘A stand of home-baked cakes represented some of their work.’
    • ‘A 75-pound child riding a bike burns 90 calories in 45 minutes, the equivalent of one home-baked cookie.’
    • ‘The Duchess of York turned up at the hall the other week with 200 home-baked gingerbread men.’
    • ‘Mrs. Lambert, whose home-baked goods are legendary in her hometown, practically squealed in delight to a reporter.’
    • ‘Bringing home-baked goods or leaving a small gift with a note on someone's desk can sometimes have a greater impact than a thousand eloquent sermons.’
    • ‘They were taking pictures of each other, sitting at their tables, cooing at their pots of tea and home-baked biscuits.’
    • ‘A slice of commercially made chocolate cake might not be as good as a home-baked one, but it's better than no chocolate cake at all.’