Meaning of home buying in English:

home buying


mass noun
  • The activity of purchasing a house or flat as a place to live.

    ‘declining consumer confidence can slow home buying’
    • ‘The past couple of years, the run-up in housing turned a lot of what was traditional home buying into speculative investing.’
    • ‘By law in most states, you have to disclose major structural defects in early stages of home buying.’
    • ‘Real-estate investment rocketed 32 per cent in the year's first seven months on a wave of home buying.’
    • ‘Mortgage rates have not hit the point where home buying is choked off.’
    • ‘He quickly discovered some of the perils of home buying.’
    • ‘Boosting low-income home buying had been an important part of what the former president called the 'ownership society'.’
    • ‘Increases in home buying always lift consumer spending for home-related goods.’
    • ‘Like home buying, auto sales are highly sensitive to increases in the cost of loans.’
    • ‘Housing reform and home buying with mortgage loans have also stimulated market demand.’
    • ‘When it comes to home buying, low-income individuals face significant barriers.’