Meaning of home cinema in English:

home cinema

Pronunciation /ˌhəʊm ˈsɪnɪmə/


mass nounmainly British
  • Television and video equipment designed to reproduce at home the experience of being in a cinema, typically including stereo speakers and a widescreen set.

    ‘Films can be watched in comfort in the main bedroom on the large widescreen home cinema system.’
    • ‘A small number of stores are also selling DVD players, televisions, camcorders and home cinema systems.’
    • ‘Nowadays, home cinema can use six or more speakers to give listeners a feeling of being immersed in sound.’
    • ‘People have state of the art DVDs and home cinema systems, but they still want to get out and watch a film.’
    • ‘I also watched a couple of DVDs projected onto our bedroom wall and that's when I thought about checking the affordability of a low end 16: 9 home cinema projector.’
    • ‘As soon as I purchase my own DVD player and stupidly large and expensive home cinema set-up, both films will easily find a way into my collection.’
    • ‘Layouts can be amended to suit buyers and those options including library, home cinema, sauna and pool can be incorporated in the design, he explains.’
    • ‘Housing the equipment needed for a home cinema works best when it is integrated into the overall design of a room.’
    • ‘In front of us, the home cinema switches itself on and begins projecting coverage of the Olympic Games onto the sitting-room wall.’
    • ‘Eyebrows may be raised at the prices, but then each property is offered with such optional extras as a pool, home cinema, gym, sauna, library and games room.’
    • ‘Blending home cinema into your living space is a feat best achieved with a spoonful of style, but it's tricky to source kit that marries beauty with thoroughbred performance.’
    • ‘There will be high-quality wooden finishes with polished oak floors throughout as well as the latest home cinema and sound systems.’
    • ‘Sound quality has made the biggest difference to modern home cinema.’
    • ‘The discreet home cinema consists of a sixteen-millimeter projector that pulls out of a cupboard and projects onto a self-supporting screen concealed behind a sofa.’
    • ‘The drawing room has French doors with shutters facing onto the square, a limestone fireplace, wiring for the home cinema and plasma television and doors to the dining room.’
    • ‘It's now within most people's reach to have a home cinema if they can find the space.’
    • ‘Whilst this film will work in the home cinema there's nothing like seeing films like this on the big screen, where they are meant to be seen.’
    • ‘There are only three bedrooms, but we have a home cinema and two swimming pools.’
    • ‘There are also great prizes to be won in the Carlow draw including cars, a world tour holiday, a conservatory, a home cinema entertainment system, much more and cash prizes also.’
    • ‘Planning on nipping down to your local electrical retailer sometime soon for a new fridge or maybe even to treat yourself to a home cinema system?’