Meaning of home cooking in English:

home cooking


mass noun
  • Food prepared in the home as opposed to made in a restaurant or bought ready-made.

    ‘the twins always enjoyed their mum Jean's home cooking’
    • ‘People are now ready to experience the true taste of Indian home cooking.’
    • ‘Uniformity is the province of the conveyor belt, not of home cooking.’
    • ‘His shepherd's pie is everything you want home cooking to be.’
    • ‘The potatoes are boiling, and the simmering mince smells like proper home cooking.’
    • ‘Cookbooks reinforced traditional ideologies of women's duties in the home by stressing 'home cooking'.’
    • ‘His new job is being paid to write about his home cooking for the paper.’
    • ‘Recipes are based on regional home cooking, divided by area.’
    • ‘The faint smell of home cooking—apple pie, sugar cookies—has helped boost sales 33 per cent in the remodeled stores.’
    • ‘Modern home cooking faces a problem: the shortage of time.’
    • ‘Her mantra is that fast home cooking requires cutting a few corners.’