Meaning of home country in English:

home country


  • The country where one was born or lives permanently.

    ‘although quite successful in his home country he wanted to make it in the States’
    • ‘The hero's friend Finn retreats from the uncertainties of London to his home country.’
    • ‘His experience abroad helped him to change the course of art-making in his home country.’
    • ‘Perhaps their recent move to Barcelona from their home country of Finland has had an impact on their overall approach.’
    • ‘Developing artistic momentum in their home country of South Africa, however, has not been easy.’
    • ‘Both banned in their home country, they harbor the same vision of a circumscribed society.’
    • ‘He never saw liberation in his home country, in quest of which he had based much of his life's work.’
    • ‘He describes how the revolution in communication has made it easier for immigrants to keep in touch with the home country.’
    • ‘Stenhammar's music makes very clear that the home country is Sweden.’
    • ‘He explains that his home country was establishing its own film culture.’
    • ‘The film proved popular in his home country, where it was nominated for two awards, winning for best editing.’