Meaning of home detention in English:

home detention


mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Confinement in an approved residence, under electronic surveillance, as a means of serving part of a judicial sentence.

    ‘these offenders bar themselves automatically from consideration for home detention’
    • ‘He spent part of his sentence on home detention.’
    • ‘She's headed from behind bars to home detention.’
    • ‘A judge in Los Angeles has granted her a release from the home detention monitoring program she was under.’
    • ‘Now, for the first time, a judge has sentenced a woman to home detention for just such a crime.’
    • ‘According to the Department of Corrections, the key to home detention is the prisoner's commitment to rehabilitation.’
    • ‘They wouldn't even let her go in home detention or to a women's prison.’
    • ‘The High Court at Tauranga has upheld the view that allowing such offenders to apply for home detention would be extraordinarily inappropriate.’
    • ‘We are looking at whether we can expand the use of the existing home detention curfew scheme.’
    • ‘She placed them both on three years' probation, the first six months of which is to be served under a home detention programme.’
    • ‘Her contract with her company says her salary, which was suspended while she was behind bars, will get reinstated during home detention.’