Meaning of home key in English:

home key


  • 1Music
    The basic key in which a work is written.

    ‘Something of this sort is even more essential in long movements in binary form, where the simple return to the home key is not enough to bring a work to a satisfactory conclusion.’
    • ‘The departures from diatonic home key occur primarily in the piano part.’
    • ‘That same imagination in fact falls well short of a full-blooded serialism in which music would be entirely ‘unhomed,’ in which sounds repeat systematically but without reference to a home key.’
    • ‘The E Flat Quartet, a much earlier work, provides little light relief, since it generates claustrophobic tension by rarely leaving its home key.’
  • 2A key on a computer or typewriter keyboard which acts as the base position for one's fingers in touch-typing.

    ‘Remember to return your fingers to the home keys after each key press.’
    • ‘She started on another typing course, but after several sessions was sent back to review the home keys.’
    • ‘Now, as a fairly fast touch-typist, I find that having to move my hands from the home keys and then replace them at regular intervals adds a small but annoying increase to the time it takes to type up a document.’