Meaning of home leave in English:

home leave


mass noun
  • Time granted to a member of the armed forces or an employee working overseas for a visit to their home and family.

    ‘he was on home leave before a tour in the Falklands’
    • ‘He has worked there for a decade and has taken three home leaves over the years.’
    • ‘Multiply that stress amount by three, and that's how the whole family feels on home leave.’
    • ‘He was five hours late in returning to duty after home leave.’
    • ‘I found a college certificate programme and plan to take one course this summer during home leave to test my interest level.’
    • ‘He said that if I would like to return to Laos after home leave, I would be most welcome.’
    • ‘They noted that when he returned from home leave, he needed his medication more frequently.’
    • ‘The reality of home leave is that you spent months fantasizing about all that you've missed, but shortly you start to feel your host country isn't so bad after all.’
    • ‘We had to cancel the home leave because of concerns expressed by at the meeting.’
    • ‘Was it perhaps just sufficient to warrant medical evacuation, and perhaps a spot of home leave in Australia?’
    • ‘As she gets older, more trauma would be experienced by each period of home leave.’