Meaning of home ownership in English:

home ownership


mass noun
  • The fact of owning one's own home.

    ‘soaring house prices have made home ownership a distant dream for many’
    • ‘The level of education is a significant predictor of home ownership.’
    • ‘The next section uses logistic regression analysis to test for the impact of the type of employment on the probability of home ownership.’
    • ‘The increase in home ownership over the last few years followed two decades of stagnant or falling rates of home ownership.’
    • ‘Many of them have programs to help their employees with home ownership.’
    • ‘They can help you turn home ownership into a foundation for wealth building.’
    • ‘Contrary to the general pattern, home ownership declined over the entire period for agency temps.’
    • ‘The American dream of home ownership is largely a myth.’
    • ‘The deck is stacked against private home ownership, thereby frustrating attainment of the traditional social policy objective.’
    • ‘The key to home ownership will ultimately rest with the individual.’
    • ‘One of the apparent manifestations of prosperity in the economy has been the increase in home ownership over the last decade.’