Meaning of home screen in English:

home screen


  • The introductory visual interface displayed on a device or computer program, from which a user is able to access particular functions.

    ‘you can launch the app from your home screen’
    as modifier ‘your regular home screen widgets’
    • ‘Notifications will be displayed at the bottom of the home screen.’
    • ‘The dialog will disappear, taking you back to the Home Screen.’
    • ‘All buttons on this home screen look like real buttons.’
    • ‘Pressing the Menu key twice will return you to the home screen.’
    • ‘It is amazingly easy to setup, and just as easy to access with the link from the home screen.’
    • ‘The ads only appear when the user visits the home screen.’
    • ‘Besides watching for alerts, you can check the app any time by clicking a menu choice on your home screen.’
    • ‘Its customizable home screen is amazing (and actually customizable, unlike other similar phones).’
    • ‘Though it's the home screen that you see when you first get started, there are some tweaking options, should you dig into them.’
    • ‘You see a "loading" message appear under the app's icon in the home screen while the update is taking place.’
    • ‘You can only launch five apps from the home screen, forcing you to either go into the launcher or start typing the name of the app you want.’
    • ‘There is no big friendly message on the home screen telling me why it wanted my attention.’
    • ‘You can't even move an app to the home screen; they stay stuck in the "apps" section, way down the list, confined like a grounded child to their bedroom.’
    • ‘The home screen contains widgets that will take users straight through to social networking sites and one-touch access to global weather forecasts and a calendar.’
    • ‘The worm, if it succeeded, replaced the home screen with a picture of Rick Astley.’
    • ‘I especially like that you can switch to a different app from this bar without having to first return to the home screen.’
    • ‘I just pretend the others don't exist and launch them from the home screen like normal.’
    • ‘I hadn't realized the home screen wallpaper wouldn't be available on this phone.’
    • ‘You might notice that the home screen appears faster after pressing the home button, which is nice.’
    • ‘Pinch anywhere on the home screen, and you'll jump to seven thumbnail versions of your open pages.’
    • ‘Another unique, user-friendly feature lets you customize your phone for your work life and for your personal life via widgets, home screen apps, and wall papers.’
    • ‘If you want to avoid work e-mail and appointments as much as possible over the weekend, you can simply set those applications to be hidden from your home screen when you leave your office.’
    • ‘You can single out favorite people from your contact list and pin their icons on the home screen.’