Meaning of home time in English:

home time


mass noun
  • The time at which school or work finishes and one goes home.

    ‘the bell rang for home time’
    • ‘They are now patrolling local schools at home time.’
    • ‘You have to time your escapes around the babysitter's home time.’
    • ‘I hope they'll be allowed out at home time.’
    • ‘She knows I'll be in the playground at home time.’
    • ‘I'm waiting on the three-o'clock home time for the senior son.’
    • ‘By home time, I really didn't feel like I wanted to do the gig.’
    • ‘At home time, we ate the bread we made without using electricity.’
    • ‘Your problem will be that they don't want to leave at home time!’
    • ‘The thieves hid the items in their clothing but were found out when workers gathered in the car park at home time.’
    • ‘At home time, she decided to skip the gang and walk home with her lover.’