Meaning of home visit in English:

home visit


  • A visit to a person's home, especially one made by a healthcare professional or social worker.

    ‘British women receive regular home visits from midwives’
    • ‘She has done a lot of outreach with her home visits.’
    • ‘The two-hour limit is invariably exceeded in cases where a client's disability necessitates a home visit.’
    • ‘Solicitors will be forbidden to offer hospital or home visits.’
    • ‘He undertook 12 sessions with Richard, the first of which was a home visit.’
    • ‘The doctor arranged a home visit by deputy.’
    • ‘He conducted two home visits in each parent's home.’
    • ‘He immediately arranged for a home visit by a consultant psychiatrist, who saw the claimant on the following day.’
    • ‘Home visits are usually confined to a brief meeting over tea.’
    • ‘It entailed active attempts to engage fathers in child-focused home visits.’
    • ‘By 1946, an incredible 85 per cent of all babies were seen by one of nearly 200 nurses who made 220,000 home visits.’