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Pronunciation /ˈhəʊmland/

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  • 1A person's or a people's native land.

    ‘he left his homeland to settle in London’
    • ‘He figured he had a better chance at success as a native in his homeland than in the U.S. as a foreigner.’
    • ‘When they left their homelands for foreign lands, it was with a missionary spirit.’
    • ‘A group of five students from Germany have organised an exhibition in Sligo on their native homeland.’
    • ‘Somewhere around the age of 14 he left his native homeland for Canada never to return.’
    • ‘Some were unable to save enough money to buy land and in some regions of their homeland no land was available.’
    • ‘People being told to leave their homeland and settle somewhere over a green line was something I could not come to terms with.’
    • ‘That would make her happy, but it doesn't mean she'll be settling down in her homeland.’
    • ‘Instead she has been criticised for spending too little time in her homeland and for speaking her native language with an American accent.’
    • ‘A significant number of young Hispanics and Asians are visiting their parents' homelands to study their parents' native languages.’
    • ‘Stations broadcast daily to all European occupied countries, using native speakers who had escaped the invasion of their homelands.’
    • ‘Asylum seekers cannot call upon their homelands for protection.’
    • ‘I was determined to settle down and carve out my destiny in my homeland.’
    • ‘He was banned for a year for his action and became a national hero in his homeland.’
    • ‘Everyone should work hard for their homeland, society and country.’
    • ‘He resisted communist rule in his homeland, reached out to other faiths, and traveled widely across the world.’
    • ‘A sizeable segment of the population was forced to flee their homeland and to take asylum in other countries.’
    • ‘The Iraqi community in Canada is restoring links with its homeland.’
    • ‘That has elevated them to iconic status in their homeland, where Sukur in particular is now more popular than David Beckham is in England.’
    • ‘Unlike their offspring, who have few memories of Laos, these community elders have not forgotten their homeland.’
    • ‘Many of the poems are about the pain of separation from loved ones or one's homeland.’
    native land, native country, country of origin, home, fatherland, motherland, mother country, land of one's fathers, the old country
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    1. 1.1An autonomous or semi-autonomous state occupied by a particular people.
      ‘they have been fighting for an independent homeland for nearly 30 years’
      • ‘The rebels had been fighting since 1983 for a separate homeland in the country's north and east.’
      • ‘There is particular suspicion of the Kurds and their cherished dream of a separate homeland.’
      • ‘Rebels in the island nation have been fighting for a separate homeland for nearly three decades.’
      • ‘The Tigers have shelved a demand for a separate homeland in favor of a federal system of governance.’
      • ‘They had changed their ancient attitude of being a people in exile to being citizens with a homeland.’
      • ‘However the Sri Lankan army has continued to occupy part of the area claimed by Tamils as their homeland.’
      • ‘It allows for the self-defense of Japan's homeland but prohibits collective defense.’
      • ‘The Arctic is now a resource frontier for the global economy as well as a homeland for its indigenous peoples.’
      • ‘He fails to provide his readers with some important concepts that could help inform the homeland security policy debate.’
      • ‘They also need to learn that the very lands that now constitute the productive heartlands of the United States are the original homelands of Native Americans.’
      • ‘But from high up in the Huachuca Mountains, the desert valley below just looks like land, not like two different national homelands.’
      • ‘Isn't he going to use that money to fight terror and protect the homeland and a whole host of other things.’
      • ‘All these steps to protect the homeland have made us safer but we're not yet safe.’
      • ‘At home, our most important priority is to protect the homeland for the American people.’
      • ‘The entire forest is part of the homeland of the Anishinabe Nation.’
      • ‘The Kurds are the largest single ethnic group without a national homeland.’
    2. 1.2 historical Any of ten partially self-governing areas in South Africa designated for particular indigenous African peoples under the former policy of apartheid.
      ‘At present, these courts are governed by the statutes of the former apartheid government and the former homelands and self-governing territories.’
      • ‘Africans living in the homelands needed passports to enter South Africa.’
      • ‘The Bantu homelands were abolished following South Africa's adoption of a multiracial constitution in 1994 and South African nationality was restored to all their citizens.’
      • ‘Prior to this monumental occasion blacks were systematically moved to restricted areas and homelands, and had no political or economic power.’
      • ‘It is now obvious even to the Afrikaners that the apartheid fantasy of a South Africa split up into tribal homelands, known as Bantustans, was bound eventually to collapse under what Marxists would term its own contradictions.’