Meaning of homeowner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊməʊnə/

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  • A person who owns their own home.

    ‘Last year a new team was set up to tackle arsonists by clamping down on rogue landlords and homeowners who leave empty houses to rot.’
    • ‘Its findings on the odds of a repeat disaster are good news for homeowners seeking household insurance.’
    • ‘The average small business in Manitoba pays twice as much as a homeowner in total property tax, the study states.’
    • ‘New York remains unique among large US cities in being a city of tenants and not homeowners.’
    • ‘The cabinet approved a proposal to let homeowners sell property and pay no income tax on the proceeds.’
    • ‘Homeowners and potential homeowners should not be too disheartened by the fall in house prices though.’
    • ‘This article is aimed at homeowners, but tenants can use the same technique to pay off other debts early.’
    • ‘As they see the value of their property rise, homeowners feel richer and borrow and spend more.’
    • ‘You don't have to be a homebuilder or even a homeowner to live a cleaner, greener existence.’
    • ‘The bank doesn't like the idea of a homeowner dying and the house having to be sold to repay the loan.’
    • ‘The new flood map allows homeowners and businesses to see if their property is at risk from potential flooding.’
    • ‘The new on-line map allows homeowners to check the status of their property using their postcode.’
    • ‘Many Irish homeowners release the equity in their existing home to buy property abroad.’
    • ‘Properties and land are divided among the family when the homeowner dies without a will - a common occurrence in Japan.’
    • ‘If a homeowner in one of these areas sells his or her property, the current insurer will continue to cover the new owner.’
    • ‘Britain is a nation of keen homeowners, with seven out of ten properties being owner-occupied.’
    • ‘The homeowner retains the right to reside in the property for the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘She said homeowners were looking for a combination of convenience and luxury.’
    • ‘If house prices spiral out of control all homeowners are vulnerable.’
    • ‘Firefighters are urging homeowners to ensure their smoke alarms are working after a kitchen blaze on Monday.’
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