Meaning of Homer sometimes nods in English:

Homer sometimes nods


  • Even the most gifted person occasionally makes mistakes.

    ‘I'd comfort myself with our old prep school saying, quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus, ‘even the worthy Homer sometimes nods.’’
    • ‘Yes, it was created by top, well loved developers but even Homer sometimes nods, and he has here.’
    • ‘It serves no useful purpose for the writer to remind himself that ‘even Homer sometimes nods.’’
    • ‘As a result, I have tended to steer clear of the play, thinking that, if Homer sometimes nods (as the old saying has it), then here at any rate, Shakespeare was deeply asleep!’
    • ‘Perhaps, endowed as he was with such excellent powers of perception, he should have sensed the presence of an enemy; but ‘even the worthy Homer sometimes nods’.’
    • ‘If any such thing should occur, I can only plead, in the words of Horace, that ‘good Homer sometimes nods’, or, as the bishop put it, ‘Not even the youngest curate in my diocese is infallible.’’