Meaning of homeroom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊmruːm/

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North American
  • A classroom in which a group of students assembles daily with the same teacher before dispersing to other classes.

    ‘Students are assigned to homerooms and move from class to class.’
    • ‘You may all go to your respective homerooms where your teachers will be waiting for you.’
    • ‘The bell rang and the children shuffled from their homerooms to their elective classes, which were either art or music classes.’
    • ‘All the students were rushing from their lockers and other classrooms to their homeroom.’
    • ‘I was lucky enough to have Mandy in my homeroom, that way I had every single class with her.’
    • ‘‘She'll be fun to deal with,’ she muttered to herself as the warning bell rang, announcing to students that they should begin to head to their homerooms.’
    • ‘After chapel, the students went to their respective homerooms.’
    • ‘At that moment, the first bell rang and there was a flurry of movement out in the hall as the students gathered their stuff and made for their homerooms.’
    • ‘Luckily for Julia, as she entered her homeroom, her tutor was nowhere to be found.’
    • ‘Though we were in the same homeroom, also some same classes, we never waited for each other.’
    • ‘She already knew her friend Andy was in her classes, and he was in her homeroom, too.’
    • ‘I found the list of 11th grade homerooms and looked for my name.’
    • ‘We parted ways as we got to school as he headed for his homeroom and I to the usual morning meeting spot.’
    • ‘I followed her through a vast foyer and into a den the size of my entire homeroom.’
    • ‘The good thing about being a junior was that my homeroom was on the second floor.’
    • ‘Lily and I were in different homerooms because we were in different grades, so I said goodbye to her after comparing our schedules on the staircase and went down to my homeroom.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for me, he's in my homeroom and some of my classes as well.’
    • ‘At least by the first morning I'd figured out how to get from my homeroom to the library via one of my classrooms.’
    • ‘Mrs Watson gets to her feet and walks us back to our homeroom, which is empty because everyone has gone to class.’
    • ‘The bell rang and they scurried to their homerooms.’